It’s enough to make anyone trying to keep track of a SaaS company’s tax liability throw their hands up and head for the exits. The question of whether SaaS is taxable in Colorado is a far more complicated one than it seems at first. Get answers to common questions about each step of the tax compliance process. Get more accurate rates with geolocation and product classification.

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  • The finance module computes present and future values of a lump-sum and
    annuity, sinking funds, net present values, modified net present values,
    and profitability indexes.
  • With the exception of those explicitly identified as Windows programs,
    they were run in a DOS window using the default DOS program PIF file
    found in Windows.
  • While the advancement of technology has made taxation increasingly complicated as retail sales move to digital and non-tangible formats, it has also provided tools to manage that complexity.
  • As an added bonus, the program
    creates many graphs to illustrate the results of its calculations.
  • It is the
    only one that can be installed as a memory resident program (as an
    alternative to installing it as a standard DOS program) that allows it
    to “pop-up” over other DOS programs when the Alt-F10 key combination is

Fast-Tax’s Tax
Query allows users to set parameters to drive a custom search of their
client’s data. Computax’s Client Analyzer will scan your 1992 return
data and list your clients that claimed the deduction for self-employed
health insurance, so you can contact them about possible amended
returns. For example, depreciation
is deducted for assets that became fully depreciated in 1992, and non-
recurring items (like moving expenses or capital gains) which appeared
in 1992 will again be included in the projections. You could modify your
1992 database before running the reports, but this may cause errors in
amounts carried to 1993 returns.

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Since the
program imports and exports data to and from almost any accounting
package, much of the data entry expected in a program of this type is
eliminated. The program also produces 941’s, W-
2’s, and 1099’s, but does not produce the 940 or state forms. The
Federal and state tax tables in the program are user-upgradeable, but an
update and support package is available, at extra cost, from the
publisher. The program also supports magnetic media filing for both W-
2’s and 1099’s, has a pop-up calculator and easily handles retroactive
pay increases. Payroll data is kept in the popular dBase format so the
data can be exported to many database and spreadsheet programs. This program appears geared to a large company’s payroll processing
needs rather than those of the CPA who handles a small payroll, or
generates W-2’s and 1099’s, for payroll payments made from other

Installation required using the DOS copy command
to copy files from two floppy disks to the users hard drive and then
decompressing one file using the popular PKZip and PKUnzip programs
supplied with the software. These adjustments are necessary to
account for differences in accounting policies, extraordinary and non-
recurring items, and adjustments for certain discretionary items. After
picking one of the seven methods to use for valuing the business, the
user is prompted for additional input items such as earnings rates,
capitalization rates, dividend paying capacity, dividend rates, etc. Search out computer software that would be
helpful to CPAs involved in tax planning and small business activities. I asked friends in the profession and
looked at advertisements in trade publications.

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Computax provides for entry of an
overall increase or decrease in projected income. The program consists of seven modules, all of which are useful. The
loan-calculation program handles loans where the interest-rate adjusts
(ARMs), the Rule of 78’s, interest-only payments, and growing equity
mortgages in addition to what would be considered normal loan
calculations. These packages also frequently include a simple
mail-merge utility with the ability to tailor a tax-planning letter to
your clients. Such a module can be very helpful in contacting your
clients. In this
module you enter future cash needs, existing resources, and financial

  • A
    shareware program is one that can be tried for a certain period of time.
  • These adjustments are necessary to
    account for differences in accounting policies, extraordinary and non-
    recurring items, and adjustments for certain discretionary items.
  • These packages also frequently include a simple
    mail-merge utility with the ability to tailor a tax-planning letter to
    your clients.
  • An email address is your first line of communication with a customer.

Tax Tools is a set of approximately 20 utilities, about half of which
are useful to have available at a push of a few keys. The first is a financial
calculator that computes present and future values of a lump sum or an
annuity. Module 2 is a loan calculation and amortization program that
handles loans with varying interest rates or varying payments fairly
easily. The 3rd module is an investment analysis program that computes
net present value, internal rate of return, payback ratio, and a
profitability index.

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The state limits the taxation of software to only such software that is delivered to customers on a tangible medium, like a CD, which is taxed. Remit taxes to multiple jurisdictions with a single payment. Whether you prefer to use a stand-alone package or tax-planning
software, you should focus on how the following changes are addressed.

In Colorado, 97 municipalities have adopted home rule charters. This list includes major metropolitan areas like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Only 71 of these home rule municipalities are interesting from a sales tax perspective, as they have elected to have separate tax codes from the state. And the answer you’ll get on a cursory glance is “no.” Colorado as a state does not tax sales of SaaS.

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Computax’s stand-alone AccuPlanner, which can be licensed by
practitioners that are not Computax customers, allows entry of data to
project 1993 and 1994 tax under the new law. In-house (or OFX) Computax
customers can import 1992 client data to reduce data entry. AccuPlanner
creates up to 26 scenarios and will print Federal estimated tax
vouchers. Users may enter adjustments to the Federal amounts to project
state taxes. Computax has pre-set all adjustments for the 14 states that
have AGI-based systems, and also provides a complete California
projection. While not as comprehensive as BNA’s Income Tax Spreadsheet,
AccuPlanner is considerably less expensive.

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list will undoubtedly increase–we urge you to contact the software
house of your choice for further information. Please recognize that many states, as a matter of tax law, conform to
the Federal rules and others do not. It is important to address the
integration of the state impact of the new tax law as well.